As per our website (Marketplace) terms & conditions we follow all Australian Consumer Law standards for refunds, repairs and replacements.

Please read the following terms & conditions carefully for returns or refunds for items purchased as this forms part of the original agreement when purchasing goods and services via Australian Marketplace AusE1.com.au.

Please Note: AusE1 Pty Ltd is a Multi - Vendor Marketplace Website and as such acts as a promoter of stores, individual sellers & websites from many different Australian Owned Businesses both Retail/Wholesale Products & Services.

Vendor return policy’s which mostly are similar to what you have in normal physical stores may still be different so please read their individual return policy before returning item to that particular store.

All Items must be returned by original purchaser in the original, unspoilt packaging with copy of receipt and quick description of reason for refund/replacement.
These are to be returned to the Vendor Store address only please (not AusE1 Pty Ltd).

Delivery: All products are dispatched by the individual vendors within 24hrs unless noted on the individual product advert. All vendors depending on location will have their preferred courier services and a large portion will use Australia Post. Please be aware that if you order multiple products from different vendors within the Marketplace these will be shipped seperately.

Australian Marketplace AusE1.com.au is more than happy to assist you in dealing with any purchase problems by liaising with the merchant on your behalf. Please allow the actual Vendor Store 7-10 days to sort your issue (especially whilst Covid is present or around Public Holidays as the store or postal/shipping services may be operating under unusual situations) ….. As per the terms and conditions AusE1 Pty Ltd is not responsible for, and accepts no liability for, the actions of merchants in regard to any refunds, returns and faulty item issues.

Please use contact us link on the Home Page.

Should you have an issue that you feel it is not being handled properly please feel free to contact AusE1 Pty Ltd Founder directly on michael@ause1.com.au
As we are a social enterprise type company, we appreciate you not putting the whole of our marketplace down thus affecting us and the other great businesses because of either a miscommunication, a one off issue or the possible delivery issues of just one of our many vendors.
We value you as a customer and we hold all our vendor stores to a high standard. You can rest assured if the issue gets to the email above after you have followed all the procedures first … then it will be dealt with quickly & thoroughly.

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