AusE1's First Blog

AusE1's First Blog

Welcome to our very first blog!

We are very excited to be able to share this experience with you all. We thankyou for checking us out and ask you check in periodically to see the many updates we have planned.

As you already know we have successfully launched "The Aussie App" and boy did it kick off!!

We have had a lot of support and amazing reviews from many people, and not to mention the many downloads! WOW. So for that, we thank YOU the buyers and store owners. With that in mind, we are currently working to perfect the marketplace as much as possible with user friendly tools in mind. The marketplace will be ever evolving and whilst limited for the soft launch we are working hard in the background to upload the many businesses lining up to be part of this journey.

So have a browse of the website and if you have any comments or ideas we are always open to suggestions.

Enjoy your day in this BEAUTIFUL country we call home.

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