Supporting Aussie Businesses

Supporting Aussie Businesses

So Why Should You Choose Us?

Are you a Seller with only 1 product or 5000. Australian Marketplace was originally due for release in June 2020 however we launched the apps first and we are glad we did because we are now backed by one of the best Marketplace teams in the world. A proud Aussie company called

This multi award winning company is our backbone so we can concentrate on the important things which is yourself or your business (if you're a seller).

People will come to Australian Marketplace because they're helping Australian businesses which in turn creates jobs and helps your local community both directly and indirectly.

Every sale has a direct benefit to Australia. Businesses & sellers we are confident we can help you as well regardless of the level your business is at as we realize you may not always the budget to put funds upfront for promoting your products.

This is where a marketplace concept works brilliantly for a small business as we provide a place for you to promote your products with no outlay unless we negotiate that sale on your behalf.

Because unlike bricks n mortar shops of the old days you are now competing in a totally different environment. Currently online there are 2.48billion active sites on the net that you're competing with in some way shape or form.

Your site is the proverbial needle in a haystack. How do you stand out? Sure you can spend $10,000 this month to have the best position via SEO's, marketing etc etc and drive traffic that way but that’s temporary and very expensive.

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