Thank you for taking the time to look at Australian Marketplace.

We have curated a range of top Aussie sellers who have a passion for customer service and everything that is Australian. Both in the products they either manufacture or the products they may bring to market.

AusE1 Pty Ltd was founded with 3 goals in mind:

1. To help Australian Owned Small Business have a buffer against the onslaught of foreign internet giants. By building a centrally reconized platform for them to promote their products in a cost-effective way from an Australian owned platform & business thus keeping as much of the funds recirculating within this great country as possible.

2.Help Aussie consumers (and international consumers) to easily find our great products from Aussie owned vendors who also supply Australian made and/or products from abroad. Making it easy to support local sellers from one convenient location because consumers know that every seller on the platform is an Aussie Owned Business

3. Give Australians an Aussie alternative to foreign websites and one that caters for medium size businesses with thousands of products down to the independent sellers with limited products.

(We already gave away our manufacturing. Let's not give away all our retail as well) .

So please come join us by supporting the Australian owned sellers on this ever evolving platform

The massive amount of revenue going offshore must slow & be redistributed within Australia. We must stop shooting ourselves in the foot. Australia we need some backbone and to start looking after ourselves a bit more.

For the benefit of all Australians we need to support these Aussie owned businesses instead of buying from foreign sites. We need to also find a better balance between manufacturing here and imports.
What is Australia's plan for the next 5,10,15 20 years? Does anyone really know? Why doesn't Australia have a central plan or set of goals that all Aussies, businesses, councils and all sides of government can look forward to and work towards?


100% Satisfaction

No issue is put in the too hard basket at AUSE1... Always happy to sort any issues quickly and listen to any concern, ideas or help in any way required .

Trusted Partnerships

With over 30 years of small business experience we know it's in our best interest to create a trusted & professional win/win alliance and use friendly experience with both you and our partner businesses.

Secure Site & Checkout

Using the latest encrypted technology and payment systems you can shop with total peace of mind.

Fast Dispatch & Shipping

We pride ourselves on 24 hour dispatch as any product listed has to be stocked by the vendor. With our formed freight partnerships we will have the product delivered to you as quickly as possible.

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