We are a Qld Based Tech Company/Social Enterprise that is creating products that help to support communities & Australian small business.

One of those products is an Australian Owned Marketplace, a Multi-vendor platform exclusively for Aussie Sellers and their products. Helping consumers to shop Australia first

What is an an online Marketplace?

A destination where retailers, brands and distributors come together and where consumers can research and buy a vast range of products whenever and however they want.

AusE1.com.au Australian Marketplace

A 'Purpose Driven eCommerce Marketplace' created to support Medium/Small/Micro Size Businesses and Independent Sellers. It's a community hub of sellers with inspiration and hope. A community that values our Australia and a willingness to make a difference.

Our Goal has always been to create a

1. A buffer of sorts for our communities and small vendors against the onslaught of foreign internet giants by building a reconized & cost effective Australian only platform.

2. Providing a convenient Marketplace website. Helping consumers to easily support our Aussie local businesses.

3. Give Australians an Aussie Alternative to Foreign Websites.

"Australia - We already gave away our manufacturing.
Let's not give away a large percentage of our retail as well."

We have to be smarter because foreign sites will take no prisoners.

Picture an Aussie online place where you can find anything you ever wanted and help your community just by doing your normal shopping .

We can see a massive marketplace of unique Australians showcasing their products that can be as diverse as a handmade candle, everday items and through to e-mobility, electric vehicles, latest technology ... the sky's the limit.

Come on a journey with us all..... Join The Aussie Revolution - 'Shop Australia First' and help support the Australian owned sellers and your local communities via this ever evolving platform.

The massive amount of revenue going offshore must slow & be redistributed within Australia.

Australia we need some backbone
We must stop shooting ourselves in the foot.

For the benefit of all Australians we need to support Aussie owned businesses instead of buying from foreign sites.

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