Seller Standards

To Uphold The Integrity Of Your Own Business Whilst On The Platform, It's Important To Uphold The Integrity Of Australian Marketplace.

By Following The Seller Standards, It Allows Us All To Grow Whilst Promoting Your Products & Brand More Effectively".

All sellers are expected to meet and maintain certain standards:

1. Must be an Australian Owned Business & based in Australia.
2. Products described truthfully and accurate in all details.
3. Australian made or grown must be labelled accurately.
4. Although we will have the most comprehensive range of Australian Made, We absolutely welcome imports as we are an Australian Marketplace that sells everything & anything - however we will monitor closely to keep a balance & fairness to all sellers as well as to suit consumer values and expectations.
5. Products advertised if sourced from your wholesaler supplier to be dispatched within 48hrs to meet expected deadline for dispatchplease. Suitable replacements do not wash with most customers so please be confident the actual product described is available before uploading.
6. Orders dispatched within 24hrs preferred ... 48hrs max.
7. Delivery to customers’ needs to be undertaken by reputable service capable of meeting the delivery standards expected (within 7 business days Australia wide). (WA & NT & remote areas excepted).For any delays - COMMUNICATION is the key to excellent customer interaction.
8. Maximum 24hr response time to customer queries.
9. Australian Consumer Law also applies to all products and transactions.
10.Refunds to be approved within 48hrs of receiving goods & any correspondence to be done professionally as per policy and trying to maintain a good customer experience.
11.Maintain a good rating of above 3.5 out of 5 (when reviews are activated).
12.Sellers are not to contact consumers for separate transactions outside of Marketplace. We are building this to help Australian Business & communities so we ask to act to a professional standard.
13.AusE1 Pty Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the Australian Marketplace Standards at any time. All changes will be forwarded to sellers within 30days.

Shipping Standards

In order to meet our promise to our customers of timely delivery and communication we require sellers to:

1. – Ship all orders preferably within 24 hours of receiving the order (excluding weekends).
2. – Stock all products advertised or be able to full fill within the 48hr max dispatch limit. (unless stated on product description).
3. – All orders to be shipped in safe and secure packaging.
4. – Send a shipping notification as soon as any order is dispatched.
5. – Provide tracking numbers via shipping notification emails.
6. – Use a reliable transport provider to ensure delivery Australia wide in no more than 7 business days*
7. – Include shipping notes (manifest) with all parcels to clarify contents of parcels and seller information.
8. – We understand that from time-to-time things can go wrong in the fulfillment process. Be proactive with your communication if you cannot meet the above expectations – please do not wait for customer complaints.

Shipping/Delivery Details on Product Description.

Shipping costs are one of the biggest barriers to buying online , so keeping your shipping costs competitive will help to deliver better conversion and encourage repeat purchase. (to achieve more sales please include shipping in price of item when possible).

How it works:
– All sellers are required to clearly disclose the shipping rate to customers on the product listing page for every item they list on Australian Marketplace.
– Items must be flagged as “standard” shipping or “big and bulky”
(Big & Bulky applies to all products that DO NOT fit within the Australia Post package dimensions for standard domestic shipping which is >22kgs and >1.05m in any one dimension).
– We strongly recommend free shipping for normal sized items when orders exceed $60.00 (when possible)

Advertising is expensive.

"Treat the customer well everytime and never have to advertise again for their replacement".

Managing Returns & Refunds.

To improve conversion, build trust with customers, and improve your seller rating, you are required to:
1. Advise return address details for shipping upon registration on Australian Marketplace.
2. Meet all Australian consumer law and associated regulations in respect to accepting return of faulty or inferior products or services.
3. Manage all refunds through Australian Marketplace seller portal or by contacting your account manager to ensure records of returns are accurately maintained.
4. If a replacement is preferred by customer, please process, and send within 24hrs on the quickest transport available to promote/save the good customer experience.
5. Refund a customer any postage cost incurred by the customer if they receive the wrong item or a faulty item.
6. If you believe the item returned to you has been damaged by the customer or is not the item, you sent to them originally please contact your Australian Marketplace account manager rather than the customer directly.

Product Listing Standards.

Australian Marketplace is a home for sellers of quality product curated by AusE1, and customers expect a certain consistent standard when it comes to the way we present products online.

Images and product attributes need to meet the following standards to be published online:
– Minimum of 1 image per product, maximum of 8 images.
– For product shots, the primary image must be on white background where appropriate (RGB 255 255 255).
– Images must be:
File size = lower than 32MB
File type = .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG and .WEBP.
– A minimum size of 1000px x 1000px
– All images of the listed item must be of the product/service itself or the product in use – No images are to contain seller contact details, pricing, text overlays, watermarks or advertising material please.
– All mandatory product attributes are required for a product listing to go live and listed on Australian Marketplace.
– We personally find Canva & Photoshop best to use ,however use what you find easiest for you. Also we are here to help so just send pics through to your accounts manager as they are more than happy to resize & upload for you.
2. "The customer is always right"

My experience is that most of the time dealing with the public ... that may not always be the case. How ever being right does not always constitute good business.
Good business is understanding where the customer is coming from and finding a solution to their problem. In the age of ratings and social media .... miscommunication & stubborn owners can lead to destroying business.

Seller Ratings

– Australian Marketplace is a curated online Market for Australian owned sellers of quality products & services that are focused on delivering a "great customer experience".
– To trade on the platform sellers must: Maintain a minimum average 3.5 star seller review rating (of 5) as submitted by customers.
– Not participate in any coordinated activity to artificially boost seller ratings – Review their ratings and feedback regularly to reverse any downward trends.
_ ensure the best quality products and service are maintained on Australian Marketplace.
– AusE1 Pty Ltd reserves the right to suspend a seller account if the seller’s rating falls below 3.5 stars.

Customer Complaints & Queries

Whether a customer contacts you directly or via the Market team, responding in a timely and professional manner will help improve your seller rating and give customers a reason to shop with you again. It is expected that all sellers:
– Respond to queries within 1 business day*.
– Acknowledge and consider customer rights in compliance with the law.
– Adhere to privacy and consumer laws.
– Respond in a professional tone.
– Provide updates on issue resolution to your account manager where applicable.
– Always respond in line with the seller standards.
Where an issue is unable to be resolved, we’re here to help! Contact your account manager to help you resolve any disputes you can’t handle directly.

Privacy Standards

Customer privacy is of the utmost importance to AusE1 Australian Marketplace.
. As a seller on the Australian Marketplace you will adhere to certain privacy standards in line with our customer facing privacy policy, including:
– All specific customer data collected by AusE1 Australian Marketplace is retained confidentially and will not be shared with sellers apart from the data necessary to fulfill orders.
– The data sent to you for the purpose of fulfilling orders may not be stored and used for the purposes of sending marketing material to those customers.
– Any customer insights received as part of your membership to Australian Marketplace will be anonymised.
– Any data you do collect about a customer as part of your fulfillment duties must be stored in a secure way so as to protect the customers privacy in line with our privacy policy published online.
For further information regarding your privacy obligations, please refer to your Seller Agreement. If you have any doubts regarding the use of customer data in your role as a seller on Australian Marketplace, please speak to your account manager.
*Business days defined as Monday to Friday.

In A Nutshell.

To Help Your Business And The Marketplace We Require You To Act Honestly And Respectful At All Times.

You Must Conduct All Transactions Through Marketplace

Please Upload ALL Your Products For Maximum Effect

Please Always Use Quality Images & Content

All Transactions Are Under Australian Consumer Laws

We Are A Social Enterprise Type So Please Support Us And It Will Give Us The Abillity To Help You Even More

Please Use Clear Communications At All Times Both In Your Advert Content and When Dealing With Customer Issues.

Australian Marketplace.
We are always here to help.

Contact your account manager for further information or assistance at admin@ause1.com.au.

"Saving today's Australian businesses by securing them a level playing field for their future"

In other words we are giving the consumers a central place to shop helping to direct them away from the foreign sites and offshore businesses to your business....
'Keeping the majority of money within Australia recirculating around your businesses and your communities'

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